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District 2-S4
Rosenberg Lions Club

Texas United States
Club Number:001642
Club Address: P.O. Box 1009, Rosenberg, TX 77471
This Page address:

bulletWhen:First and Third Wednesday 12noon
bulletWhere:Fort Bend Country Club, 2627 FM 762 (Thompson Highway) Richmond, TX 77469

Name Office Tel Home Tel
President 281-239-2178
1st Vice President 281-633-0177
Secretary 281-633-0177
Treasurer 979-793-5418
Membership Chairman 281-633-0177


Regular Club Meetings


DATE:  Wednesday Jan 7
TIME:  12:00 NOON
(Board meeting at 11 am)

PROGRAM: Termite Watkins motivational speaker

Officers and appointments:

President: Lion Vickie Tonn
1st VP: Lion Doris Dahse
2nd VP: Lion Eugene Aufdembrink
3rd VP: Lion Roy Adams
Treasurer: Lion Liz Gerstenberger
Secretary: Lion Dennis Dahse
1 Year Director: Lion Marian Wright
1 Year Director: Lion Denise Sherman
2 Year Director: Lion Sandra Croft
2 Year Director: Lion Connie Aufdembrink
Tail Twister: Lion Steven Hansen
Lion Tamer: Lion Jerry Clements
Past President: Lion Teresa Bailey


Chairperson Eye Glass Recycling: Lion Sandy Cook
Chairperson LCISD Student Eyeglasses: Lion Dennis Dahse
Chairpersons Lions Camp: Lions Connie and Eugene Aufdembrink
Chairperson Scholarships: Lion Steve Sterling
Program Chairman: Lion Mark Foltz
Song Leader: Lion Milton Wright
Membership Chairman: Lion Dennis Dahse

Special Notes & Interest Items
  Lion Dick Collier reports that seven campers have attended the 2014 Texas Lions Camp. The campers were:
  Makayla Wiggins
  Riley Hankins
  Neal Cashion
  Adam Kaddour
  Shane Castillo
  Millinda Kucera
  Carlos Garcia
Special thanks to Lion Dick Collier for his years of service in the camp endeavors.

Eye Bank Awards
Life Memberships awarded to:
Lion Vickie Tonn
Lion Kathy Bryan

Lion Teresa Bailey (10 years)
Lion James Baker (40 years)
Lion Sandy Bielstein (10 years)
Lion Dick Collier (35 years)
Lion Dennis Dahse (15 years)
Lion James Duke (10 years)

Lions with 100% attendance:
Lion Connie Aufdembrink
Lion Eugene Aufdembrink
Lion Teresa Bailey
Lion Dick Collier
Lion Dennis Dahse
Lion Doris Dahse
Lion Liz Gerstenberger
Lion Vickie Tonn
Lion Marian Wright

 Eight LCISD 2014 Seniors Received $1000 Scholarships:

 George Ranch: Gabiela Hernandez, Lyric Miles
  B. F. Terry: Leticia Jimenez, Tamara Makoni
  Lamar: Dalton Maxwell, Denielle Hogan
  Foster: Ebonoluwa Ogunola, Alyssa Stone

Leo News:

The Lamar CHS Leo Club elected the following officers for 2014-2015:
President: Prince Jiwauku
  Secretary: Nichole Oduche
  Treasurer: Anh Ngoc Tran

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Lion Network News

List of Upcoming Meetings and Activities:
Jan 7: Regular meeting 12 noon Fort Bend Country Club (Board meeting at 11). Speaker will be Termite Watkins - motivational speaker
Jan 21: Regular meeting 12 noon Fort Bend Country Club.  Lion Tom Stanley, District 2-S4 Recycle Chairman will speak about Texas Eyeglass recycling center.
Feb 4: Regular meeting 12 noon Fort Bend Country Club.  Board meeting at 11 am.

Feb 13: Sweetheart Dinner and Dance Fundraiser at Milton Brenner VFW Hall.

Not sure what a LION is....or does?

We are fairly ordinary people, who come from any part of the social structure - can have any type of job (or be retired), and live in a town, city, or the country. We serve humanity without thought to race, creed, nationality, religion or politics.

The motto of every Lions Club is "WE SERVE", and individual Lions Clubs decide just where their priorities lie.

Originating in 1917, Lions Clubs International has become not only the largest, but the most active service club organization in the world with over 1.4 million members in 186 countries.

LIONS ARE people who have decided to give something back to their communities, who are dedicated to finding people in need, and who meet those needs in an efficient but caring way.

LIONS ARE also committed to solving major, worldwide health and social problems, and realize that solutions are possible when every Lions Club does its share.

LIONS ARE people who cherish the friendship and fellowship of their own Club, but who also feel a close kinship with fellow Lions in more than 180 countries and areas throughout the world.

LIONS ARE patriotic, giving allegiance to their country, while recognizing that all people must one day learn to live in peace.

LIONS ARE dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in their Club - and in their personal lives.

LIONS ARE serious about their commitment to humanitarian service, but do not mind having a little fun along the way.

LIONS ARE .... people just like YOU. You can make a difference in your community and the world.

Please consider joining us and help in our good works.

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